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Who we are

Our webpage is: Iware Oy is programming company from Tampere, Finland and is producing programming services, domain registrations and web page hosting services.

Media media is prohipited to copy and usage outside of our web page. How ever you can share pages to social media or other pages sharing.

Cookies homepages dont include any login possibilites or payment services for public visitors. All using are anonymous and we dont setup any cookies to customers that visit our pages.

How ever, if you are our customer and we provide you a account to login, we will setup temporary cookie that decides shall your browser support cookies. This cookie dont include personal data and it will be deleted when browsing window is deleted.

By logged in to our admistration pages, we will setup cookies that records login and browser history data. Data will be cleared after 2 days but browser data after 1 year. If you choose to “Remeber login” when logging in, your cookie data will be stored for 2 weeks. If you then log out all data will be cleared.

If you publish news or edit news we store cookie including news id. This cookie clears in a day.

Another pages media

Our news may include empedded media from 3rd party pages. Till example videos (youtube ie.), pictures or quotes. 3rd party pages have variety of own privacy policies. This accounts as going to 3rd party page and includes their privacy policies.

These 3rd party pages may collect data from your behaviour, use cookies or setup other party cookies and monitor behaviour with the empedded media.

Who we are sharing data is anonymous page. We store only contacted customers data to usage in house only such as email addres, phone numbers till example. If you have account to our pages and request password recovery we will store your ip to email.

How we store data

If logged in to our pages, if you comment on news or pages, comment metadata is stored onward. By this way page knows you and can accept new comments without them going to moderation queve.

We store registered user (if any) profile data. All users have possibility to view, edit their data how ever username can not. Administrator can view and edit all user data.

What privilidges registered user have

If you have account to our pages, or leaved comments you can request combined profile data including all personal data provided to pages. You can request personal data and account removal. How ever incase of leagal privacy case you cannot request removal as we are needed to store the data.

Where we will sent user data

iware Oy shall not give data to anyone exept official police or goverment requesting data.